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WIN OR LEARN: The Naked Truth (Paperback Book)


WIN OR LEARN:  The Naked Truth (Paperback Book)

What happens when some of the most influential women in the mortgage industry come together to share their stories?The Naked Truth of course!  Actually it’s a book titled, Win or Learn, the Naked Truth. When you look at the line up in this book you just know that the information is going to be powerful, valuable and what each and every one of your team members should read.

  • The collective voices in the pages of this powerful book tell the stories and share the hard-won lessons of 14 women whose careers in the finance industry span decades.
  • The roads they traveled, while often parallel, inevitably entwine and wind in an ebb and flow as they have each risen to their own professional peaks.
  • Each has endured triumphs and tribulations in their long journey to success.
  • Each has ultimately grown from the lessons learned both in the moment and in hindsight.
  • Today they are the leaders in the mortgage finance space; powerful, experienced, and important role models, garnering respect across the industry.
  • Each takes this responsibility seriously while embracing the side of themselves that is real and fun and human.

Co-authored by Christine Beckwith, Sue Woodard, Ginger Bell, Regina Lowrie, Karen Deis, Laura Brandao, Cindy Ertman, Jen Du Plessis, Kim Hoffman, Maria Vergara, Mary Ann McGarry, Marcia Griffin, Patty Arvielo, and Elizabeth Karwowski, the book is a collection of lessons the authors have learned that have had a profound impact on them in their lives and helped shape who they are today.

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